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A Brief Musing on the Supposed Separation Between Mobile and Desktop

A couple of months ago, I was looking at a promotional video touting some new technology. Something that was written solely for mobile. They went on about their processes, that by focusing not on the desktop, they were saving file size and increased performance, which is all and fine. Anything to life better, especially on those days when I want information without waiting for everything to compose itself during the morning rush hour. But at the end of this, I wanted to ask this question (which, in hindsight, I should have added to the comments):

Why should there be anything difference between the desktop and mobile?

Before answering, think about it real hard.

Don’t worry. I’ll wait…

The current paradigm of mobile is based on two things; the mobile phone and the tablet. But isn’t this the same sort of think we had before – the PC as the desktop. Didn’t we got over this? I got over this years ago, especially when my previous job required me to work with both Windows and Linux.

What I am thinking is that the current paradigm is just as short-sighted.

Let me put it this way? In a year or less, why not see a mobile device become the desktop?

Why not give the "desktop" have touch-enable events like its mobile cousins?

What I am imagining is the mobile/desktop schism not just disappearing. It simply gets redefined.

If my life is nearly almost located within the confines of my mobile phone, why not go all the way?

Our perception of the desktop is that of the monitor tethered to an external hard drive and et. al. What about a rapidly approaching near future where our version of the "desktop" is a mobile device tethered to cloud storage.

Just a thought?

Don’t wait too long.