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The Wilson Project – 20th Anniversary

April 16th marked the twentieth anniversary of this site. Originally a portfolio site, it became a WordPress blog in 2010 which continues today. The current version, Delta, is called “Charles”.

History/Site Versions


Project Name – Alpha
4/2001 – 12/2003
Flash (primary)/XHTML (secondary) sites


Project Name – H3 (Name based on John Harrison “H3” marine timekeeper)
7/2003 – 12/2003
CSS-only layout/XTHML (started but never used)


Project Name – Athena
12/2003 – 1/2010
CSS-only layout/XHTML/ColdFusion backend


Project Name – Regent
1/2010 – 8/2013
WordPress Blog

The reasoning behind calling it “Charles” and “Regent” –

“Regent” views –

Delta (current version)

Project Name – Charles (Named after Charles Darwin)
8/2013 –
WordPress Blog (HTML5)

Link to “Charles”/Delta TWP design screenshots –