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  • Moving Day

    Moving from Window to Linux server

    After a week of back-and-forth emails, the move is complete. (Yes!)

    Why did it take so long? Three domains, one account.

    Fortunately, the personnel at the hosting company were able to work out one minor glitch that finally put everything into place.

    But the more important question: Why move from Windows to Linux server?

    First, the new CMS I am using (Symphony) operates in the familiar LAMP environment. But with this project, came a change in focus for The Wilson Project. Basically, I wanted to do more experimental/open-source concepts, exactly the basis of the Charles project.

    More importantly, the last vestiges of Athena (Gamma TWP) were removed. This was built in 2003 with ColdFusion (Windows only). So once this was gone, so was the need for keeping this site on a Windows server.

    So everything has been set up for my needs. The beta site is currently holding the baseline install of Symphony 2.1.1. This, of course, will be the workspace for the Charles site (and still hoping for a January 2011 launch).

    Beyond Charles, I have one blog entry for CDG and finally start work on The Information Layer for this blog next month.